Safety Helmets

Safety helmet also known as Hard Hat is the most largely used mode of PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) in Industrial or Constructional sites. Safety Helmets safeguard the user's head against the hitting of falling objects from above, collision with debris, electric shocks, rains by withstanding and deviating blows to the head or brain.

Safety Helmet prevents the user's brain during a fall. Safety Helmet is stuffed with a foam inside and have a plastic shell outside. Accidentally if you crash on a hard object, this Safety Helmet aids in suppressing the force and protects the head/brain from the injury.

Importance of Safety Helmets:
Safety helmets play a major role premium point of defense against head injury. The user must wear the Safety Helmet correctly which will save the life and decrease the risk of brain damage. Its mandatory to take the precautionary measures when it is accident prone area, mostly at the construction site where the risk of head/brain injuries are high.

The head is the only biological structure and a vital operating component of the human body that is completely embedded in the bone. To protect the head and avoid the risk of head injuries, one must choose a perfect Safety Helmet, use and maintain it regularly.

Benefits of wearing safety helmets at work:
1. Protection against head injuries:
Safety helmets are modelled to protect the head/brain from falling objects and the side of the eyes, head, and neck to avoid impacts, electrical exposure, bumps, scrapes, etc. Wearing of Safety Helmet by all the workers at the site is mandatory which should be inspected by the employers as hundreds of workers suffer from life threatening head injuries per year. Hence, Safety helmets play a major role as a defensive mechanism at the work place for the safety of the user.

2. Industrial protection:
In industrial sectors like mining and construction, supreme quality industrial safety helmets must be provided to the employees. These Safety Helmets comprise of a shell and a headband having excellent shock absorption properties and protection against accidental shock. Safety Helmets should also consist of protective packaging which takes in the power from the contact reducing the pressure transferred onto the user's head. This padding in the Safety Helmets generally contains foams with material such as polyurethane.

3. Colours and Stickers for identification:
Considerably, various colours of Safety Helmets indicate different jobs to the wearers on construction sites. Many times, the Supervisors don't recognize all the workers on a construction site. Hence, labels, stickers, and markers are used for safety helmets so that essential information can be pooled and conveyed without any delays and interruption.

Lastly, substantiated and highly authentic statistical data consisting occupational accidents indicates that the most common causes of head injuries are impacts from falling objects and impacts against sharp and hard items. Injuries affected by such mechanical occurrences may ferociously affect the skin on the head, brain, neck, skull, and even the spinal cord at times. in extreme cases these injuries may lead to permanent severe complication / abnormality or may cause death, irreparable loss and misery to your family members or close ones.

Remember… Always wear a Safety Helmet for a complete protective and safety life!

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